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Privacy Policy

[Handling of Personal Information]

We promise to protect your Personal Information completely with recognition of its importance and to comply with the Personal Information related laws and our policies for protection of Personal Information stated below for your confidence.

・ Definition of Personal Information

We define the information which may identify an individual user of our service, including name, telephone number and e-mail address, as the “Personal Information” and will put it under our strict control.

・ Use of Personal Information

We will use your Personal Information only for purposes of providing better goods and services and delivering useful information to you and other reasonable purposes.

・ Personal Information Gathering

We will limit the purpose of gathering your Personal Information to the minimum extent. Personal Information will not be gathered beyond the limit required to achieve the purpose of gathering. Personal information will be gathered by legal and fair means.

・ Control and Protection of Personal Information.

We will keep your Personal Information up to date and will take measures to protect it from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and divulgence. We will strictly control unauthorized use of Personal Information internally by restricting the access to the database of Personal Information to authorized staff.

・ Arrangement of Internal Control

In accordance with these policies, we will establish the internal rules for protection of Personal Information, announce our explicit policy for handling of Personal Information to our employees and concerned parties, endeavor to protect your Personal Information and arrange the system to internally check that the Personal Information is sufficiently protected.

April 2006

Horiuchi Machine Co., Ltd.

For inquiry for Personal Information, use the given form.

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