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Collection Policy of Personal Information

1. Our company collects and uses the personal information to fulfill the following purposes only to the extent necessary in accordance with the law pertaining to the protection of private information and other regulations thereof.

(1) To reply to the requests for documents or inquiries to our customers,
(2) To confirm, communicate or deliver the orders to our products and service purchased or registered by our customers,
(3) To notify our products, service or campaigns planned by our company and our partner companies, and
(4) To notify our customers of any useful information.

2. Our company will not disclose or supply your personal information to third parties without your consent except the cases hereinafter appearing:

(1) To commission to the contractors, with whom our company concludes confidentiality agreements, in order to fulfill the above purposes
(2) To comply with laws and regulations

3. If you request the disclosure of your own information, and if you would like to change or delete such information consequently, please contact us where indicated below.

Upon identification of yourself, the action will be taken without delay to the extent reasonable.
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