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Company Profile

We are a strategic company always looking ahead into the future and continuing to advance.
Toward a company liberating human beings and contributing to a society.

From the start in 1941 as a needle manufacturing equipment company to the present as a comprehensive manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, we have advanced step by step for more than half a century, keeping our basic belief unchanged since foundation that always looks ahead into the future and challenges everything boldly.
Concerning tie rod type standard hydraulic cylinders, we streamlined our production system drastically and have established a rapid delivery system of 4days from order to delivery beyond common sense of the industry, while achieving high quality and reliability of the products.
Strategic company always looking to the future and challenging everything aggressively
Horiuchi Machinery Co., Ltd. would like to remain a company that always contributes to the welfare of human beings and the realization of an affluent society through development of laborsaving products including hydraulic cylinders which liberate human beings from hard work and menial labor.

Name Horiuchi Machinery Co., Ltd.
Founded September, 1959
Established December, 1941
64,000,000 yen
Akimasa Horiuchi
Business Line
Production and sale of hydraulic cylinder
Number of employees 240 people
Sale 4.7 billion yen(January, 2011)

Our cylinders are used by over 20,000 companies.
(Ex: Automakers, Injection molding machinery makers, Machine tool makers, Power generation plants, Shipyards, Ironworks, Earth-moving machinery makers, and so on)

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